Missing Persons

The majority of persons reported missing return soon after their disappearance without suffering any harm. A small percentage, however, will have come to harm or have been the victim of crime and it must not be overlooked that the missing person report could be the start of a major crime enquiry.

The manner in which the investigation is conducted must cater for the preservation of evidence and the rules of disclosure. One of the most important considerations for the investigating missing persons is providing support to the immediate family and close friends. In some cases the trauma associated with such an event will place the family and friends of the missing person under severe personal pressure, particularly if the investigation or the media make heavy demands on them.

Here at Thin Blue Line we work had in Hand with the family / reporting person ensureing that we offer support as well as aiming to achieve the results the family or reporter seek.

If you are a missing person and would like some advice or help, please feel free to get in touch with the UK Missing Person Bureau.

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