Event Surveys (Ghost Stewards?)

Are you getting value for money? Are you paying for ghost stewards? Are your stewards trained?

We are now offering a service whereby a trained member of our team, who has years of experiencing in policing / stewarding, will attend your event (Covertly) and gather intelligence on your stewarding team. This will include:

  • Have they been properly briefed
  • Are they NVQ level 2 trained or even registered
  • Do they understand English (All too often stewards do not understand English so how will they react to an incident – Do you want to be held responsible for corporate manslaughter?
  • Are they appropriately dressed for your event
  • Are they observing the crowd or watching the event
  • Have they a note pad and paper on them to record an incident and do they pass this up the chain
  • Are their high visibility jackets / coats displaying a number that is unique to that individual
  • Do they know the stadium codes…… Bomb threat / Lost child etc
  • Are you being charged for 100 stewards when in fact there are only 80 on site
  • Are they smoking, using mobile phones to take selfies or indeed to gather clandestine intelligence for the purposes of terrorism.

Following the event we will ask the stewarding company to provide us with documentary evidence of the signing in sheets (Which should be a condition of you employing them), the right to work documentation and proof of training qualifications. Once we have all the information available to us we will provide you with a comprehensive report. In fact we may just be saving you from a court appearance or saving you a lot of money.