Working in Partnership with McCormack Training Ltd on various courses.

A licensed centre for the delivery of the SIA approved, McCormack Physical Intervention certificate.

This qualification is a mandatory requirement for those wishing to take their SIA licence for Door supervision. Here at Thin Blue line we deliver this as part of the SIA programme. However, we will deliver this system, and tailor it to suit any industry or work environment, for example:

  • NHS – This qualification could be useful for dealing with patients who perhaps have dementia or perhaps those under the influence of drink or drugs. The techniques are all low level and designed to protect you as individuals and de-escalate a situation rather than a restrictive technique that could escalate a situation.
  • Nursing Homes – We can deliver this course at your place of work or at our training facilities here in Kidderminster. This will certainly help when dealing with people who take hold of you!
  • Doctors Surgeries – Staff who come into contact with uncooperative patients, who may take hold of a member of staff
  • Teachers – Once again as with any other professions,  a pupil or parent may take hold of you! The techniques taught are designed to help prevent injury.